Cool Japanese Music Vol6 : King Gnu

King Gnu’s first appearance on Kohaku was in 2019. I’ve seen their name on Yahoo News and other media, and I wondered how to pronounce it. G in here is an unpronounced letter. I know what gnu is. it’s a kind of cow.

When I was watching Kohaku, I was probably watching it but not so paying attention to it because of all the other things I was doing, but when I listened to Hakujitsu again on Youtube, I thought, “Wow” After that, I listened to it again and again while reading the lyrics. The members are all very talented, but Iguchi’s voice is so good!

I looked at all the other music videos and came across them doing a live acoustic performance. The one I like best is “Don’t stop the clocks”

The vocalist, Mr. Iguchi, used to have a radio show called All Night Nippon Zero starting at 3:00 AM, and I’ve listened to everything that’s on Youtube.

Iguchi is funny. we used to be able to see his mischievous side on Music Station (TV show), running down the stairs, but I guess he’s grown up lately. I want to see his made-up character, Otaku, geeky guy again!

I’ve been practicing, longing to play like Tsuneta-san’s guitar, but it’s too difficult.

People used to say “All roads lead to Rome” here’s a new proverb.

All goods come from china
All goods come from china



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