Cool Japanese Music Vol 5 : Fujii Kaze

Happy New Year 2022!

I’d say King Gnu is the next singer/band I’ve grown to love appeared in 2019 Kohaku but I wanted to write about Fujii Kaze’s first appearance in 2021 while it’s still hot in my memories.

Fuji Kaze – Singing with a piano

I found out about Kaze Fujii exactly one year ago, in January 2021, when I happened to watch a Youtube on a news station that featured a song called “Kaerou” which means “Let’s Go Home”. The music video made me cry.

One day people will return to the earth. We don’t bring anything when that happens, and those left behind will have to let go of them.

After I saw the music video, I checked out Kaze’s YouTube channel and found him playing cover songs of various people on the piano.

The first one I heard was Billy Joel’s Just the way you are.

I was thrilled to see that he sometimes glances at the camera, and was surprised at his good English pronunciation. I found out that he studied English by himself in Japan. That’s amazing. I guess he has a good ear.

After that, I watched the 2021 New Year’s live video on his channel where he played while lying down.

I’m hooked on his good personality and natural and relaxed way of being.

His songs were chosen as the theme song for a TV drama and commercial songs and participated in Kohaku in 2021. Isn’t that amazing? And I’m surprised that he’s only 23 years old (at that time, he’s 24 now). he looks so mature.

For the fans who have been watching Kaze on Youtube, such a nice direction on Kohaku’s performance. Everyone thought he’s playing from his parents’ house, which is a little bit retro, where he always took YouTube videos, but he was actually on the stage in Tokyo! in his normal clothes and fuzzy slippers.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of Kaze!

Taylor Swift: Shake it off – Jazzy version




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