Curing Periodontitis by ultra soft toothbrush

As I’m getting older, the signs of aging are becoming more apparent. I’m starting to get white hair, more wrinkles, and I easily get tired. Moreover, I have trouble falling asleep and often wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

Although I try to be mindful of my daily meals, I can’t seem to get enough exercise.

I wonder if I’ll continue aging like this… I don’t want that!

So, I’ve been watching health-related videos on YouTube every day. Once I watch one, similar videos keep getting recommended, and I end up watching more and more of them.

Right now, I’m watching a summary of a book called “Curing Periodontitis Without Extraction.”

I saw in the video that if you gently brush your gums with an ultra-soft toothbrush, like a paintbrush, for one hour without any bleeding, your gums become healthy and transform from swollen and bleeding to a healthy pink color! Even though I usually make sure to buy a soft toothbrush, sometimes I accidentally purchase a firm or regular one.

Buying online is definitely a safer bet, (most of the time).