Halloween Costume T-shirt – Label GMO Skull

Halloween Costume T-shirt : Label GMO Skull
Halloween Costume T-shirt: Label GMO Skull

People around me were talking about pork price will be up and might not be able to buy them anymore.

The new law will be enforced from January 2022 to give more living spaces to livestock. I’ve heard about that for chickens and cows, but maybe to give space to pork is the hardest for the farmers.

If you heard about that, it makes sense. Have you seen how those animals live?

The same kind of discussion happened about whether labeling GMO food should be done or not. People against labeling says that will drive up food price and not sure if the labeling law went thru or not. I read also from Jan 2022 if you have more than 5% GMO is used, need to label it. There are lots of loopholes for that rules though.

When the new law passes, lots of speculation going on.  The food price is already up anyway. ( ´Д`)=3 (sad Japanese Emoji)

A good and cheaper protein source would be soy, but lots of GMO soy is around so need to be careful if you care.



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