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  • Don’t Look Up : Netflix Movie : DiCaprio

    I watched Don’t look up, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, on Netflix. I saw something on Yahoo News about Master Leo and his young girlfriend. In the article, it says he only goes out with women under the age of 25. What? I thought. Well, they’re flirting, and I’m jealous. I Google DiCaprio’s name and saw that…

  • Halloween Costume T-shirt – Label GMO Skull

    People around me were talking about pork price will be up and might not be able to buy them anymore. The new law will be enforced from January 2022 to give more living spaces to livestock. I’ve heard about that for chickens and cows, but maybe to give space to pork is the hardest for…

  • Peace flower t-shirt

      Super cute/kawaii Flower t-shirts, blue sky, clouds, flowers.

  • Unicorn, Rainbow, Stars, Fantasy!

    I see unicorn everywhere so I made it too! Unicorn Rainbow Baby T-Shirt by peacewing Unicorn is everywhere ! I love unicorns too,  clouds, rainbow, stars, colors, everything that I love. Add them to the back to school item!