Don’t Look Up : Netflix Movie : DiCaprio

I watched Don’t look up, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, on Netflix.

I saw something on Yahoo News about Master Leo and his young girlfriend. In the article, it says he only goes out with women under the age of 25. What? I thought. Well, they’re flirting, and I’m jealous.

I Google DiCaprio’s name and saw that his latest work (I haven’t checked if it is or not) is popular on Netflix, so I took a look.

I glanced at the summary that it was a comedy about the end of the world.

DiCaprio plays a scientist. The role was appropriate for his age. The wife was probably a similar age. The role of the affair partner was probably older.

I haven’t seen a movie by him since Inception I think,

He’s gotten bigger (in size) but still a good-looking man.

I can’t help but say to my son, “This guy was so cute when he was young.”

My mom might have said something like that about the stars of the past.

It was as if DiCaprio now had a zipper on his back with a very handsome man inside.

The movie itself was a political satire, which is probably what you would really be going on.

At the climax, there was a power outage in real life for about two minutes at my house.

It took a long time to restore the NetFlix. Thank God, the power came back soon. It felt like the end of the world.

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Stop Global Warming!



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