I use Henna Hair Color

I use Henna Hair Color to cover my gray hair. I used to use the usual one but noticed my hair falls a lot so looked up a natural way to color my hair. My friend was using henna but it sounded more troublesome since it takes longer to color, but the more I read about henna, then there’s more benefit about it like it good for hair and skin. so I gave it a try.

Pure henna color is reddish-brown, my original hair color is dark brown. I bought the one mixed with indigo. Also got a mixing bowl and brush to put it on and gloves. The package I bought came with pure henna and indigo mixture, which says better results if you use pure henna before doing indigo stuff.  I can’t do two on the same day so I would do pure henna one week and then do indigo mix the next week or a few weeks later. People would think I change hair color often.

How to apply henna

I  saw the instruction, it says to add apple vinegar and coffee to dilute to make the much runny mayonnaise feel.  Not only for henna but dying your hair yourself needs some practice. It doesn’t apply well to the area you really want to cover such as the hairline so be sure to put a lot. Unlike usual hair dye, it’s ok to put on your skin so don’t worry about putting on your head skin. After applied well, wrap it with plastic wrap, and waited for at least two hours, then wash it out in the shower, and it’s very messy.  You don’t use shampoo afterward. Don’t use shampoo for a few days, just rinse with lukewarm water.  You shouldn’t use a hairdryer either, just towel dry.

I use dark brown, this is light brown,

It’s handy to have these.

Shine on! Your hair and skin 4ever~

shine on sparkle
shine on sparkle



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