Template Scenario beauty : Samurai Drama

Samurai Drama Scenario

I used to watch Samurai drama called “Mito Komon” and “Toyama No Kinsan” when I was a kid.

The story goes like this every time: One high-ranking monarch hides his identity and explores the town with his loyal subordinates and encounters a bad guy torturing people. He later reveals his identity and a bad guy surprises and tries to fight him. Monarch wins and viewers get the idea of “Justice always wins”

Everyone’s favorite anime

Every kid loved Doraemon, a blue robot that came from the future that helps third-grade boy Nobita, who is weak, not so blight, bullied by a big kid and his sly friend. Nobita tells what happened to him to Doraemon and he gets a magical device to help him. Nobita gets carried away and has a pathetic ending. Sometimes, heartwarming endings too.

Same flow,   similar stories.

Those shows are long run, actors played the monarch successively passed away, the voice of Doraemon changed a few times by now.

Time passed by my kids are older than Nobita already.

I just saw a picture of my son pushing a big Tonka truck. I chased him burning his energy at the park and I was out of breath catching up with him and later he would take only a short nap.

Or used to visit my parents every year with my kids and they’d watch kids so that I could enjoy lunch with my friends…

Or looking at the picture remembering oh I had this bothered me or I had such a good time overall at this time.

Each time had my own template life. It changed a little by little, I have my everyday routine and it changes day by day slightly. I will go someday and so as those memories and worries and concerns will too.

At the end of the summer, somehow I feel a little melancholy.

Life is beautiful
Life is beautiful