Cool Japanese Music Vol2, Hoshino Gen

Kohaku Uta Gassen is a national show that airs on 12/31 every year in which selected singers gather together and sing in male and female groups. The viewer rating is usually around 50% in Japan.

I’m going to be into two singers for the 2015 Red and White Year-end show.

One of them was Gen Hoshino, who participated in Kohaku for the first time in 2015, and he sang a lively song called “Sun” Gen Hoshino is also an actor, and the year after his first appearance in Kouhaku, he became a celebrity with his role in the drama “Nigehaji” which means, Shame on the run but useful in short.

I only knew his name from Yahoo News, and that he had suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage in 2012, but that he had recovered from the disease and was doing well.

To be honest, I got hooked on the drama Runaway Shame, ordered CDs from Japan, and watched as much of the drama as I could, of which “Last Year at Lenoir” was surreal and funny.

I always cried when I watched “Kounodori” (an obstetrics and gynecology drama).

I also listened to All Night Japan (mid-night radio) on Youtube and became a big fan. He is a little naughty and funny. I was really hoping that he and Yui Aragaki would get together, and this year they got married, which really surprised me, but made me happy.

My favorite song is a song called “Film”

You can’t reflect the darkness with electricity.

I like the lyrics.

Also this part…

So happy that I jumped up and down
I want to create a situation where such days will happen.

Year of Tiger Holiday Photo Card Red
Year of Tiger Holiday Photo Card Red



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