Cool Japanese Music Vol 3 : Sheena Ringo

Another singer who got me hooked from 2015 Kohaku is Sheena Ringo.

I’ve heard her name and songs before 2015, and she’s been on Kohaku since 2011, but I have glued to her song “long and short festival – This is Hell or Heaven” on Kohaku 2015! She was so cool. It was a fusion of classical Japanese taste and rock music, and Ringo was beautiful. After this performance, Ringo was selected as a planner for the closing ceremony of the Rio Olympics. It was a wonderful ceremony.

Well, I listened to her song many times on Youtube after the 2015 Kohaku, and I ordered the CD from Japan again.

I can tell you that Ringo’s songs have kept me sane through all the times I’ve been in a lot of pain since 2015. I cried with “abundant wealth”, danced with her “I was in the midst of discovering love”, and just listened and sang to her many other songs, and I’m still doing it.

There’s so much love in the lyrics. It’s not obvious, it’s casual. She is sexy, elegant, and younger than me, but I admire her so very much.

I’m also happy to see her band, Tokyo Incidents is back.

Big Apple New York Ringo
Big Apple New York Ringo



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